Noise cancellation technology

QuietOn 2 is electronic hearing protection device which has two modes – Active Noise Cancelling mode and hear through mode.

Active Noise Cancelling mode is excellent when you want to reduce noise as much as possible. Focus on your work and feel relaxed even though background noise level is high.

Hear through mode is good when you need to communicate with others, or if the noise is not constant.


How ANC works

Active Noise Control (ANC), Active Noise Cancelling, and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) are methods where an unwanted sound is reduced by adding another sound specifically made to cancel it out. Our active noise cancelling earbuds use a microphone to sample the sound, and a speaker to create a phase-shifted sound that cancels the original sound.



The performance of QuietOn 2 Active Noise Cancelling earbuds compared to that of conventional foam earplugs is visualized in the graph below.


Dental clinic

This graph illustrates typical noise sources in dental clinics and how much noise reduction is achieved with QuietOn.


Hear through mode

Hear through mode uses external microphone to get the sound and plays it to ear with speaker. When audio level increases close to unhealthy level electronics starts to limit the audio level. This works fast and automatically. For example you can discuss with patient and when suction and handpiece volume increases noise reductions safes the hearing. When noise level decreases it will played though again normally and you will have a full hearing capability.


Whats inside

Quieton earbuds are an example of advanced engineering of the miniatyre design. Earbuds include rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is charged in charging case. Device includes microphone, audio processing electronics and speaker. Modes are switched with small mechanic button.

Patented and certified product

QuietOn holds a concept patent for active noise cancelling earplugs which fit in ear anatomy. FI26466 (Finland), 10171904 (USA) QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs are also certified hearing protector device EN352 by 89/686EEC. Notified body PZT GmbH nr 1974.

EN352 Certification [pdf]

Technical data