Active noise cancelling earplugs for dental professionals.

Quieton Dental active noise cancelling earbuds

Occupational hearing damage risk group

Dental professionals

Dental professionals (dentists, hygienists, technicians etc.) are exposed to constant and irregular noise from several sources.

Various studies show evidence of hearing damages caused by dental instruments and the working environment. And yet, this problem is often ignored, simply because we tend to get used to these noises. But the damaging effects remain.

By reducing harmful noise levels while enabling communication during treatment, QuietOn is optimal for dental use.

Quieton Dental


Allows communication between patient and staff


Decreases noise and daily stress


Increases focus during treatments


For patients

› decreases scary noise and stress


Small and easy to use

› no wires, no settings


Hygienic and safe

› no electromagnetic interference


Very effective in low and high frequency noise

› reduction up to -40dB


Extra long battery life

› 50 h on a single charge
› Re-charge in 1 h


EN352 Certified hearing protector


What our users say

"As dentists we are always influenced by noises which are hard to work with. Suction, turbine – all these sounds attack us in everyday routine. My last finding ? Earplugs from QuietOn, which electronically cut unnecessary noises from the dental work. With them I am more relaxed and not dealing with noise stress."

Dr. Grzegorz Witkowsky | Lek.Dent. Poland

“QuietOn quiets down the annoying noises, while I’m still able to speak with the patient. I also like to wear QuietOns while studying and writing, i.e. in exams."

Jaana Sverloff | Dentist, Finland

“QuietOn earplugs have effectively reduced the burden caused by the high-pitched noise of dental instruments. I feel myself much more refreshed after a work day, which is why this easy-to-use hearing protection has become a part of my daily work.”

Pentti Rytivaara | Dental Specialist, Oral Surgery, Finland


Quieton Dental

Package content

›  One pair of QuietOn earplugs
›  Charging case and charging cable
› One pair of black Comply foam eartips (M)
› 4 pairs of blue silicone eartips (larger)
› 4 pairs of green eartips (smaller)
› Retention cord without clip
› User manual