QuietOn Oy is young and dynamic Finnish tech-company based in Oulu, Finland. The company was established in April 2015 with strong technology heritage from Nokia.

The idea for smart tiny earplugs was born when Mr. Janne Kyllönen (our innovation hunter) realized how effective noise cancelling technology can help him reduce stress drastically on countless business flights. In 2015, the two former Nokia engineers, Janne and Matti Nisula (our electronics carpenter) made the first prototypes, got them tested and validated and so QuietOn was born. Today QuietOn develops and produces its own patented electronic earplugs that utilize active noise cancellation technology.

In the beginning the QuietOn Original earplugs became especially popular among frequent travellers and they were sold around the world in major airlines. So, the frequent flyer segment in particular was a huge success, and a bit later, a great breakthrough was also achieved in the dental sector.

But how did the product find its way to the dental sector? Mr. Pekka Sarlund (QuietOn’s former CEO, current chairman of the board) was suffering from dental noises as a patient and so he used QuietOn during one treatment session. His dentist noticed the earplugs and “stole” them from Pekka for her own use – and simply loved them. This pair never came back from that dental clinic but as a result QuietOn is today helping dental professionals globally to protect their health and prevent hearing damage.

Next step in the QuietOn portfolio was to consider other sectors in the need of quietude, such as people suffering from factors disturbing sleep (snoring, traffic and environmental noises etc.). The challenge was to make the earplugs even smaller and lighter to ensure a comfortable fit inside the ear, even while sleeping on the side. In 2021, QuietOn took quiet and comfortable sleep to yet another level. The Finnish company has managed to make the earbud yet smaller without sacrificing performance.